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Jacksonville Bar Association Officially Endorses LGBT-Inclusive #JaxHRO January 6, 2017

The Jacksonville Bar Association (JBA) has announced its support for expanding the city’s local human rights ordinance to protect LGBT residents, visitors and workers from being discriminated against because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.


In a statement released last month announcing the JBA’s support, the group’s Board of Governors makes a strong economic case for updating the ordinance, noting that it will “send a clear signal that Jacksonville is open for business to everyone” and give Jacksonville a competitive advantage in recruiting the next generation of skilled workers.

The JBA’s approved statement reads in full:

Across Jacksonville, over a thousand businesses are standing together to urge members of the City Council to update the city’s human rights ordinance to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity and expression.

The Jacksonville Bar Association stands with the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce and believes that modernizing the city’s non-discrimination law will send a clear signal that Jacksonville is open for business to everyone—and ensure that employers across our city can attract and retain the top talent we need for our economy to thrive and to compete in the global marketplace.

With a membership of more than 2,000, the JBA is one of the largest official groups of legal professionals in North Florida, and holds a seat in the American Bar Association’s House of Delegates, which helps set policy and professional recommendations for lawyers across the country. The Jacksonville Coalition for Equality is proud to have the support of an organization so dedicated to updating and modernizing the legal landscape, including for LGBT citizens.

With this announcement, the JBA officially joins our 700-member-and-growing coalition of local businesses who have officially signed a pledge supporting an expanded HRO.

If you’re a local business leader or business owner who supports updating Jacksonville’s local nondiscrimination laws to protect LGBT people from discrimination, click here to learn more and sign the pledge.